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Welfare Unit Hire Throughout The UK

Mercian Masterplan has been based in the West Midlands since 1977, hiring welfare and accommodation cabins to industries, construction, event and domestic homes, throughout England and Wales.

As Mercian Masterplan we have over 100 welfare units, to meet your needs, offering stand-alone site service, stores and cabins from 300 to 975 cm (10 to 32ft) to accommodate your requirements contact 01952 770167

Welfare Unit Hire

What is a Welfare unit?

A secure, reliable, hygienic, unit which is run from a diesel generator located inside the unit.  Each unit has a chemical toilet, with warm water heater and sink for handwashing.  The unit has a canteen with seating for up to 8 people at any one time.  The canteen area has plug sockets, heating, sink, water heater, kettle, and microwave.  Making this idea for areas with limited power or space.

All our units are EcoPod or EcoBox uses Hybrid Energy Management Systems that can reduce the generator usage, and putting the unit in to dormant when not being used, reducing Co2 emissions and noise pollution.

13ft Towable welfare unit hire

EcoPod 12 Towable Hogbox Welfare unit

EcoPod 12 Towable Hogbox Welfare unit is ideal for the difficult to reach areas, towed into site with a 4×4, making it ideal for narrow roads or small areas.  Seating 7 people and giving them all the facilities needed. 366 x 228 cm (12 x 7’4 ft) Towbar length 120 cm (3’9 ft)

EcoPod 13 Static Welfare unit

EcoPod 13 Static Welfare unit, which is lifted off the lorry and into place.  Suited for the longer job, it seats 8 people, with all the facilities needed.  396 x 275 cm (13 x 9 ft)

EcoBox 24 Static Welfare unit

EcoBox 24 Static Welfare unit has the added space seating 8 people in the canteen at once, while still having all the amenities of other welfare units. An extra room which has a workstation, that can be used as a drying room or office. The 11.5kva generator will run the welfare unit and give additional power, which can be used for an additional smaller cabin, making this the solution to sites needing more space. 731 x 275 cm (24 x 9 ft)

Short Of Space?

Cabin units available 300 to 975 cm (10 to 32ft) to meet your needs. Some of the more standard layouts are meeting room, offices, drying rooms, changing rooms, security and canteen but we are also happy to accommodate the more unusual like salon, pet groomer, gym, function room or training room.  What do you want?


Short on space why not stack welfare cabins or link them together

Short of storage?

Stores are a good way to keep your things safe starting at 300 cm (10ft) and going to 640 cm (21ft) ideal for keeping things safe.  Delivery on a lorry with crane (HiAb) they are lifted into place.

Can we make storage easier contact or call 01952 770167

Are your flammable items safe to store ?

Vented stores available 300cm (10ft) to keep your flammable substances safe. These have been designed to take fuel bowsers, while still allowing vehicles close access. They can store Chemicals, oil, paint and anything that needs ventilation.

Can we make storage easier contact or call 01952 770167

Toilet Blocks

Our toilet blocks come in a range of sizes with a number of different layouts to meet the need and ablutions. They can be plumber into waste or fitted to an effluent tank, depending on your situation.

What do you need? email us on  or call 01952 770167


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